The Evolution of CBD over the Years

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The Evolution of CBD

The Evolution of CBD

Cannabidiol oil has been taking the world of medicine by storm. Touted as a miracle treatment, you can use CBD for anxiety, PTSD, epilepsy, autism, auto-immune disorders and insomnia, among others. Going by the recent popularity of CBD Hemp oil you may think it has been discovered lately. How true is that assumption?

A brief history of CBD

Archaeological studies reveal that the source plant for CBD weed, Cannabis Sativa, is likely to be one of the first agricultural crops planted by early man about 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. It was used to make clothes, paper, ropes and other products at different places across the world.

There are stories about the healing properties of hemp that mention people like Herodotus, Napolean. In 1563, a Portuguese physician Garcia da Orta discussed its medicinal properties in a report. China’s Li Shih-Chen wrote about its impact in dealing with nausea and infections. Unlike the restrictions on growing Cannabis Sativa today, not growing it was considered illegal in England and Jamestown, Virginia in the 16th century.

CBD in the 20th century

In 1950, growing Cannabis Sativa was prohibited in the United States as per North America Industrial Hemp Council. But the growing interest in hemp derived products, particularly for medicinal purposes led to its legalization in certain states.

THC, the more popular cannabis compound was used to reduce loss of appetite, nausea and pain during chemotherapy. On the flipside, it could result in psychoactive effects and make you high. CBD is believed to have similar properties, minus the side effects.

To get the best CBD oil, it should be grown and processed in the right manner. Faulty practices could diminish the quality and healing properties. It can then be consumed using a tincture as per the dosage prescribed. If consuming the oil directly is not your thing, you can opt for CBD capsules.

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