Does CBD Oil Actually Work For Seizures?

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There has been huge buzz around cannabidiol oil over the past few years. It is touted as a miracle medicine by medical practitioners and patients. More and more people want to buy CBD Oil online. Leaving the hype aside, the big question on people’s minds is whether it actually works.

The recovery story

Have you heard the story about Jackson Leyden’s illness and recovery? Jackson was an active and healthy kid until he turned eight in 2011. Soon after that, he started having seizures several times a day. Over the next two years, he had been hospitalized about 50 times missing most of his fourth and fifth grade. Despite visiting over 20 doctors around the county and trying several medications, nothing seemed to have changed.

In 2014, the first doze of CBD hemp oil was administered to Jackson. Within a few days, the seizures drastically reduced. Gradually, all his other medicines were stopped but he continued to use CBD daily. He still has seizures but it has reduced from 200 a month to once or twice a week, the severity has also reduced. It’s not just Jackson; many people have been able to deal with seizures better, thanks to hemp CBD oil.

How CBD Oil works

The reason CBD helps in dealing with seizures and other health conditions is its impact on the endocannabinoid system. It is a central regulatory system that affects many of our biological processes like immune system, nervous system and other organs. Unlike most supplements that treat a single area of the body, CBD weed helps bring the entire body back into balance.

Formerly, THC was the most popular cannabis compound used for medicinal purposes. But most people would like to avoid THC due to its psychoactive effects. CBD, on the other hand, doesn’t make you high, making it a great option in treating seizures.

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