Plus CBDoil (Cannavest)

Plus CBDoil utilizes their state of the art laboratory to test for purity, potency and overall quality of their hemp based products ensuring only the highest standards in the industry are used. Through responsible application of science and innovation we will strive to offer the finest hemp based products in the industry without compromise. Plus CBDoil specializes in high-grade gold and green oil hemp extracts, tinctures, sprays and topical skin care and vapor products.

Some of Plus CBDoil products contain Total Plant Complex encompassing more of the hemp plant’s lipids, fats and waxes in the oil. These added organic components offer various cannabinoids and terpenes not found in the more concentrated gold oil.

Spectrum CBD

Spectrum CBD is founded on the simple principle that “Mother Nature” will always show the right path to healing. We believe that path to healing can be found in the miraculous components extracted from the genus Cannabis Sativa, more specifically Hemp. All Spectrum products take into consideration federal THC thresholds and respect for the law outlined in the 2014 farm bill. Spectrum specializes in high milligram CBD options utilizing 99% pure CBD crystal isolate, which because of purity can be sold in all 50 states. Join the Spectrum CBD family today and make the biggest health change of your life with the most amazing health discovery of our lifetime.

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